Corruption 720p

Corruption 720p a5c7b9f00b Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF original title: Corruption genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Romance imdb: 6 duration: 1h 7min keywords: politician, husbandwiferelationship, policecommissioner, newspaperstory, newspaperreporter, mysteriousdeath, killing, investigation, heldatgunpoint, graft, frameup, forensicscience, election, district A crusading young politician is running for mayor on a program of cleaning up the graft-ridden politics of a big city. However, all of his opponent are mysteriously being shot to death, which does him no good, and the coroner can't even find the bullets in the bodies of the dead men. A young lawyer is elected mayor of the city and promises to rid it of the corruption it's famous for. The problem is that most of the corruption he's vowed to eliminate is caused by the crooked political machine that helped elect him. Here is a typical indie city crime drama of the early 30s with an assortment of "name" players doing a paycheck job with a fairly dull script. There is a mystery killer plot tied in, with a fairly inventive gimmick to his method of killing. The print is better than many an Alpha release, although, annoyingly, someone has dubbed in extra sound effects. They occur during the two scenes in Mischa Auer's laboratory, and I assume Alpha Video is the culprit, since similar predations occur on other 30s releases by this company. Auer has test tubes bubbling, and someone has dubbed in what sounds like the largest witch's cauldron ever. The bubbling and popping is so loud as to make the dialog hard to hear in spots. The film's real claim to fame, I feel, occurs in the last 20 seconds as the corrupt Gorman stalks out of Preston Foster's office. He is flipped off by the wiseacre reporter (Charles Delaney) in a full middle-finger salute. I replayed this to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Apparently this gesture was contemporaneous to '33 -- but perhaps its translation into words wasn't universally agreed upon. Unless I misapprehended the finger he used, this moment deserves mention in a social history of 20th Century America, or at least a history of rude gestures. Pretty standard programmer starring Preston Foster as a lawyer who gets picked by a political machine to run for mayor. Once he's elected he wants to actually live up to his campaign promises and clean up City Hall.The machine won't have any of it and gets him framed on a murder charge to get him out of the way. Alls well that ends well and he gets his job back in the 3rd act. And he gets the girl of course. Not bad but even at under an hour it felt like a two hour film. I kept thinking that if this script had ended up at someplace like Warner Brothers instead of Poverty Row and somebody like Bogart had been assigned to it it would have been a better film. Not necessarily a classic but still better. a5c7b9f00b


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